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Make Your Own Gift Basket With Baby Gifts

Making your own basket with baby gifts is a great way in which you can give the mother to be or new mother a very personalized gift. This basket can include things for both the baby and the mom. When you go to make this kind of a basket you might want to consider to go with some sort of theme like bath time accessories or do a mix and match type of basket. You can make it for a boy or a girl as well. If you don't know what the sex of the baby is just go with a neutral color scheme.

Things you might need to complete the basket:

  • Any kind of basket and any size depending upon how many items you are putting in it
  • All the items you want to include in the basket
  • Cellophane to wrap the basket in
  • Ribbon
  • A rattle to include as part of the decoration

The first thing you need to do of course is pick the kind of basket that you want to use. Make sure that it is big enough to allow for all the things that you want to put in it. So it's wise to to buy the items for the basket prior to buying the actual basket. You could even use a new laundry basket if you are giving larger items, this way they can always reuse the laundry basket. Another idea instead of an actual basket would be a baby bathtub.

When you go to get the baby gifts for the basket make sure to buy things that are of different sizes and different kinds of packaging. This will give the gift basket a more appealing and interesting look to it. The bigger baby gifts that you get are more than likely going to be your focal point so make sure to pick them wisely. Some of the themes to consider would be a diaper themed basket where you would include diapers, rash cream, powder, lotion, wipes and a diaper bag. If it's a bath theme then you might include things like hooded towels, lotion, wash cloths, baby wash, books for the bath and rubber ducks or other baby bath toys. You might also want to combine it with a spa theme for mom and include things like candles, lotion, bath salts and so on.

Once you are ready to put the basket together you will need to line the basket. You might want to use something that is really soft like a baby pillow or baby blanket. Once you have done that you will want to arrange your baby gifts in the basket. Put the bigger gifts toward the back, medium items in the middle and then the smaller ones in the front. Make sure the items are packed in tight so they will stay in place.

Take the cellophane you have to protect all the baby gifts. Tie it closed around the basket with some nice colorful ribbon. Trim off any excess cellophane off of the top. You can add a rattle or some other cute little baby toy to the front of the gift basket with some more ribbon to give it a little more of a decorative look.

Tip: If you know that the mother to be is registered at a particular store then make sure to check the registry out to help you figure out what baby gifts to buy.

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