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Our Top Recommendation
Gender Selection Methods

This an ebook that is illustrated and meant to introduce some of the more popular gender prediction methods there are for readers. The book claims there are 16 different methods and techniques for selection. All of these are described in a very understandable way for the reader making the book an easy one to understand and read. The book offers dry theory of each of the methods and explains each well. It also explains how the methods can be used in real life situations. The book does not guarantee that any of the methods will be 100% successful but serves to help people learn ways in which they might increase their chances off probability.

Also Recommended
The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning

This book is easy and very lively to read and tries to help people with the natural family planning and their spiritual life, the rest of the world and from the “trenches”. It gives very refreshing and frank insights about sex and trying to have children. It has some great essays that are funny and frank written by Simcha Fisher, mother of nine.

Also Recommended
Taking Charge of Your Fertility,

This has been a classic best seller for 10 years and in its latest edition it includes such things as a new preface, updates on fertility techniques, natural ways to conceive and an updated resources and books section. This book helps women who have questions about fertility, empowers them to understand their body more and teaches them how to use effective and scientifically proven birth control methods. It helps her to maximize her chances of conceiving and to identify things that might get in the way of conception. It also includes ways in which a woman can increase the ability to choose the gender.

Also Recommended
How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby

This book has been around for nearly 40 years and has actually become the standard for those couples who want to try and increase their chances of having the sex they want. The book offers scientific studies that show different methods that do offer the better chance at picking the sex of the baby. It explains the different noninvasive methods that can be done at home to give them a better chance of having a baby of their desired sex.

Also Recommended
Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress

Do you have a daughter enchanted with Elsa from Disney's hit movie Frozen? If so then this enchanting dress is perfect for dress-up play or costume parties. It is a multi-layered skirt covered in glittering snowflakes. It has no zippers or buttons so it can be enjoyed without needing help from an adult. It's adorable!

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